asian goldilocks?

on friday we begin the trip. head down to ontario to drop off the girls, back track to the five and up to santa nella. on saturday we drive up through sacramento and on to woodleaf it should be fun. i’ll, we’ll miss the girls dearly but it will be good for...


this weekend was hot. too hot. we spent time in the pool. we spent time sweating while going for a walk. we looked at some houses and we are having our first sleep over. i have come to the conclusion that i am out numbered. really outnumbered. currently there are four...

happy birthday

happy birthday heath- thanks for the endless lunches for the girls, the endless laundry and the love you show for us all. thank you for being my support, my encourager and my love. have a great birthday. i love you.

mty at 28mm

tonight we had our first softball game. first off it’s co-ed and we are supposed to play with four women. we had three. until mark’s mom showed up with the home made muffins. she runs a bakery in carpinteria. the muffins were epic. then she sported up and...


some say she takes after her father.