bugs and princess

kenz in her birthday crown. the crown broke and i pitched it about a week after her birthday. she saw this picture the other day and asked me where her crown was. i told her i didn’t know. is that bad?


back from chi-town. i think that is what they call it. it was a good trip with the exception of the man on the “L” that was trying to put a voodoo hex on jon and i. in other news, maddie seems to think that she is getting a pony for christmas. a live...

first tooth

for the past couple of weeks, maddie has talked about her loose tooth. today, she and sister disappeared into their room. about five minutes later they emerged. tooth in hand. i guess she wanted it out. and yes, the tooth fairy is coming out tonight. uncle peebo said...

the plow

this is a plow that can cut 13” into dry earth. quite impressive. at least to the city folk. it ain’t no mini van though. ask me about my new ride sometime.