bye bye

we had a tea party for the birthday girl a couple of weeks ago. it was great and the girls had a blast. we went into escrow today too. kind of sad as the girls are leaving the only place that they consider home. fortunately, they know that the shell is not as...


somewhere, somehow she is growing up. it’s hard to see it in the everyday, but every now and again i catch a glimpse.

it is done

i work at an accounting firm. it is april 15. it is done. well at least that is what everyone’s impression is. however, i am not an accountant. so just for the record, i will remain busier than ever. crappers.

happy birthday to our maddie

eight years. where did that time go? it seems like just yesterday it was kenzo, emily, dinosaurs and constellations. now it’s hedgehogs and hanna montana. she is growing up too fast. we try to suppress the growth, but it’s not working. we love you sweet...

chef pedro

carne asada soft tacos. yep. it was good.