a lesson

sometimes i don’t pick up my camera and take pictures because i look at all my friends who shoot and get so discouraged because they pull of the perfect pictures. today, i just shot. and this is what i got. i shot pretty slow because we don’t have good...

kenz beach

kenz was screaming in her sleep last night. what was she saying? “no whining. no whining.” it must be sinking in.

bro + sis

my brother and sister. we all get a bit giggly when we get together. enough said.

busted. om1+reala

it’s cold. well, let me rephrase. it’s cold for santa barbara. i love the fact that i can see my breath in the morning and the evening. but what i really like is the fact that my loving wife loves the electric blanket. i have never had one growing up or...


3 day weekend? kind of, but not really. while all of my friends and family are enjoying the day off, i’m at work. but i did get my own three day weekend. i took friday off to watch kenz. we had a blast. although, my favorite thing was going down to the harbor....