yes. we have cousins that look like this. distant? you bet. but they are cool. i think he is one of ten kids.


i had an epiphany. we eat a lot of snacks.

hexar at night

kenz has been singing this song in the car lately. i have no idea where she heard it. i had to google it to find out who sings it. it’s by sean kingston. it’s called, “beautiful girls.” i know you have heard it. in the chorus he says,...


this was indeed a crazy week. we got home from jason and amy’s wedding on sunday late afternoon. ten minutes later we were on the freeway going ninety plus to the emergency. our poor kenzer took her fingertip off in the front door jam. literally. i won’...


maddie wants a horse. at least when she wanted a dinosaur there really wasn’t any way. but now, we are in trouble.