so good

our papa is so good with the girls. always makes the time. always there to give them his full attention. thank you papa.

some excitement

one. got some film processed so you will see a lot more images in the near future. two. heather and i played tennis at 10 pm on sunday night. what? how? that’s right. we are proud owners of a wii. i even busted a little sweat.

keoni is 1+a week

yep. lagging by over a week. but here is keoni from his birthday. yeah. he’s cool.


a little egg free cupcake and conversation with papa. it doesn’t get much better than this.

solar system

it’s been a while. work sucks and i haven’t taken a picture in about… yep. that long. but, i do have some art work. maddie is really into astronomy right now. she can tell you all about the planets and our solar system. this is her rendition....