it is becoming harder and harder to catch a smile from daughter no. 1. this was a rare catch. did a replant on some plants in the aquarium and did some painting on my hands and knees this weekend. other than that it was mellow. just the way i like it.

fair = no money

tonight we surprised the girls and took them to the fair. it was a great family trip. we ran into friends and ate lots of fair food. the highlight was probably the ferris wheel. the big ferris wheel. mom and daughter no. 1 were high and very frightened. white...


one from the om1 archives, but this pretty much summed up our weekend. a lot of hanging around, napping and sitting on the couch. i love the cold, wet weekends.

wait for it…

did i mention we had water balloons at maddie’s party?

it had to end

all good things must come to an end. saturday we celebrated maddie’s birthday with family, friends and my little ponies. it was great. however, when it was all said and done, the attendees left, the family left this is what was left. quiet moments on the sofa...