5 days. 8 airplanes. 5 cities. 1 lost bag. 1 free ticket. 1 upgrade. 1 little girl that looked like kenzer. but, i’m tired. ready for some sleep. question of the day: traveling for work. love it or hate it?


long weekend ahead. in a not so vacation kind of way. finishing up software training today, fly out tonight for arcata. wedding on saturday and fly back to santa barbara on saturday night. leave for chicago on sunday morning. i’m going to miss my girls. and yes,...

tire of joy

this happens to be the tire of joy. there have been lots of smiles produced here. question of the day: santa barbara to seattle. plane, train or auto?

party’s over

party’s over. kenz is in bed. she is two now. do you know that feeling you get when all you do is eat junk food. i have that right now. let’s examine what i ate today. this morning was an early start so it was breakfast burritos for the team. i ate half....