party’s over. kenz is in bed. she is two now. do you know that feeling you get when all you do is eat junk food. i have that right now. let’s examine what i ate today. this morning was an early start so it was breakfast burritos for the team. i ate half. the other half is waiting for me tomorrow. for lunch, my leftover half of sandwhich from yesterday, ham and swiss on 7 grain. now the awesome part. kenz’s party. let start with the sunkist fruit gems and then move to the cookie crisp. a handful of cinnamon graham cracker fingers, another cupful of cookie crisp. some lucky charms. a cup cake. oh and did i mention the cookie crisp? then to top it all off. brauts for dinner with the family. splendid. excuse me while i go hurl. thanks to everyone for coming out today.