i have been going to the gym with a friend from work. for the record, i’m not a big fan of the gym.


tonight was a young/speake family tradition. awesome time of celebrating Christmas. that’s right Christmas. not the “holiday season.” good eats, good fellowship and good times.


today we moved one of our offices. it was a total pain. to top it off we made enemies with our neighbors. we need access to a telecom room in their suite. they wouldn’t let us in. something about giving them twenty four hours notice. so we called the property...

choves – hexar

do you want to feel dumb? tonight we played this game. numbered two columns one through fifty. we tried to fill in all the states and their corresponding capitals. you should try it sometime. unless you are really good at this kind of stuff. and if you are....

kenz by reala 100

we have been playing this new game. it’s pretty funny. the shista’s as kenz calls she and her sister want to be patients and i get to be the doctor. the best part of it is, i as the doctor get to use anything i want to be part of the kit. instead of the...