don’t mix the paint

it looks like everyone is headed back to school tomorrow. good luck with the new year!

not the baby

i’m ready for another vacation. enough said. that’s all i got tonight. oh, and the hexar is fully functional after a dip in the walker river. but no one needs to know it went swimming. well, we went swimming together. can you say, “no more aggresive...


made it back last night from tahoe. 1400 miles in 3 days. whoa. fished like crazy and had a great time catching up with sean. slayed the rainbows on the walker river and who can forget the forest buffet. oh yes. can you say, “all you can eat?”

cory and kyle

this weekend we were able to spend a little time with our friends the nakajis. they were in town visiting family from longmont, home of the crocs and the bronco that takes up a three car garage. not enough time spent with them. we will have to make a trip out to see...

mom and brother

where does all the time go? weekend went by so fast. cruised the long beach aquarium on saturday. kenzer added weight to the car sick theory. 101 south about 5 miles north of ventura. vomitous. went to a new church too. not to bad. hung out with the nakajis too. that...