far away

i made the decision to not go to oregon with my girls. i’m not sure that i made the right decision, but there you have it. i feel like i’m in the car and they are half way up the mountain. decisions.

aqua man

who is this guy? and where are all the fish?

shake it

they sing this song from mulan ii. i have no idea what they are singing. something about a rock, huh, huh. or something. they swing their swords and shake it like no one’s business.

volcom hawaii

this was one of my highlights of the weekend. play time at the park. slurpees at willow glen, running in the grass and swinging. doesn’t get much better than this.

kitchen time

a lot of this weekend revolved around food. dinner at nama and papa’s on friday. dinner with the crawfords on saturday. ate out on sunday. we eat a lot. i think this will be coming to an end soon. or else i may be exercising a ton more. oh one other thing....