not really a whole lot to say. just a joe who likes to take pictures.

started with the canon digital elf s100.  loved

the idea of taking lots of pictures and framing some

interesting shots.  soon learned that the shutter

was too slow.  started shooting with a canon rebel film

camera.  shot mostly in the “green square” mode.

my lust for instant gratification soon brought me to the

canon digital rebel.  started shooting in the different modes.

manual, aperture priority and shutter priority.

all the credit needs to go to george speake who

has shown me the technical aspects of photography.

it’s a shame that he is so smart.  his enginerdness takes

over in explaining the mechanics of lenses and soon my

head is spinning.  check him out at

i’m now a proud owner of a canon 20d.  just sold

my digital rebel for the second time on ebay.  long story.

so now my bag holds the following:

canon 20d, canon film rebel, canon digital elf s100

canon 28-135is, 50mm 1.8, 28mm 2.8 and the 18-55