old one

old one from the summer. we are t-minus 3 days until maddie goes to kindergarten. i’m not ready. i’m already nervous about.

some good ones today

had some good one liners from maddie today: swim teacher nick: madison. if you can swim to the end of the pool today, you can get a t-shirt. maddie: well. i think i have enough t-shirts. that’s okay.


this is kenz wishing. well. not really. she could care less. but man do they have a lot of nice cars in that garage.

soon to be 2

this weekend the girls are going to go to the desert. it is always a double edged sword. time for heath and i to spend together but when the girls are gone it’s always too quiet. so, soon there will be 2.

my mom

i love my mom. this is mom giving dad the, “i love you stare.” or else she is telling him to do something…