blue and boring

so we had the weekend to ourselves. the girls went to the desert to see grammie sharon and grandpa lewis. so what do we do? paint. yep. we painted our bedroom. no more pigeon. we now have blue. as you can tell, since the girls were gone the bed is in perfect shape and...


on saturday we awoke to warm weather. the car read 85 on the way home from buying the girls hula hoops. we were looking for jump ropes, but then maddie informed us that she can hula. yep. she’s good for about 6 laps around the waist. not bad. kenz is just loves...


meeting in carpinteria tuesday night. i pray people will be full of grace. i pray that the kids will always be the issue.


i have been going to the gym pretty frequently. i pretty much have my own personal trainer. i have been going with this guy from work is a fanatic. it’s good though. he encourages me and he has tought me how to life weights correctly. i’m pretty much the...

sass. om1+reala

not much going on lately. just a lot of work. although, last week i cleaned out the aquarium and planted my new plants. they are growing like weeds. i can watch it like it was a television.