from the friday family dinner. uncle pbo and auntie sora discussing whether or not to let keeks watch peter pan. as: what’s the plan keeks? kky: um. you tell him. as: no, you tell him. kky: shower, popcorn and peter pan. pbo: um, isn’t that movie a little...

copy cat

ione. probably never heard of it, right? it’s where great gramps and bettie live. we went there last weekend to celebrate his birthday. ninety four. that’s a lot of years. still stubborn as ever. he seems to think toyota will be in bankrupt in two years...

ichi ban

a little family celebration with the ichi ban and some good company.

my girls

on occasion the entire family can be really happy. these days, it is rare. sometimes parenting really sucks.

bored, hungry, intrigued?

basketball and kenz. not sure what she is thinking. it could be about the little alexs meal we will soon be having.