really good weekend. busy, but great. on friday i took a half day and went to maddie’s singing performance with kenzie. we then ate lunch with all the other parents and played on the playground. we then went home and took naps. well, they did at least. then at around 4:15 we headed south for the clipper v. suns playoff game. one of peter’s friends was gracious enough to give my brother some really good tickets. it was my first nba game. well second if you cound the time we saw the sonics in 2nd grade. i think we had to use binoculars too. anyway, this is a shot from our seats.

saturday was a great one too. soccer, followed by running alot of errands and washing the car. came home and gave the girls baths and then bedtime for the bonzos. heather had the day off and was getting down with the other moms at the national scrapbooking affair.

sunday, we celebrated early and then drove down to ontario to meet grammy sharon. gigi made an appearance as well. lewis’ mom is 92. she is a kick. we ended up going to the ontario hills mall for a bit where we got split up and then realized that we had to leave. so i hope grammy sharon found grampy lewis and gigi. then we trucked back and had our annual mother’s day picnic with the koops, lynn and the rest of us. it was awesome. i’m really tired. but it was a great weekend.

question of the day: who is going to win the series, clippers or the suns?