was planning on renting the sprayer for the weekend, but plans change. i went to frazee on saturday to pick up a couple more gallons of paint when my plans promptly made a 90 degree turn. the manager came out and told me that using a rented sprayer to paint some bunk beds was a bad idea. i would have to rent the sprayer, either buy a different gun or buy a different tip. i would then have to clean the sprayer out and blah blah blah. he told me to go to home improvement and get as many cans of krylon spray paint and go to town. it’s just as good, cheaper and dries faster. so that’s what i did. i bout them out. cleaned them out. i also made a sweet spray booth in the garage. prime, sand, paint, sand, paint. you get the picture. beds go up tomorrow.

question of the day: are you fired up about the world cup?