i look at pictures like this and it reminds me that the battles are insignificant. she can be happy as a clam one moment and taking off her shoes and socks and throwing them on the ground the next. this morning we left the house a mess. the vans didn’t fit on her feet, the socks bothered her and she didn’t like the snack that i packed for her. “it’s not fair,” she hollered at me. i wanted to tell her that it’s not going to get any easier. instead i gave her the lecture that she should be lucky she has vans, socks and a snack. because some kids do not. somewhere between sounding like a typical parent and realizing that this is a true statement she seemed to understand and stop. we piled in the car and drove to school not talking for a while. but she kissed me goodbye, gave me a hug and said she loved me. i guess everything will be ok.