so much has happened this week. where do i begin? well, the obvious. fiesta. we did the rodeo, the parade and the el mercado. twice. we had churros, tortas and spent way too much money. i mean come on, it’s a raquet. when do you spend 8 bucks to sit on a pony and go in a circle? yeah, fiesta. the girls had a blast and that’s all that really matters. then i took tuesday thru thursday off. we had our own little vacation here in sb. we did the usual stuff. beach, had lots of treats and then threw up. yep that’s right. heather and i had a bit of a date night, and then she was up at 3am tossing her sushi. then kenz woke up and starting projectile vomitting. so maddie and i ran some errands and went to taco bell for lunch. and then disaster struck. sometime before dinner. maddie’s burrito came back up. it wasn’t pretty. we also split a strawberry slushy thing too. i won’t describe that. i guess i have to stay well so that i can take care of everyone. i guess that’s better than the alternative. let’s hope for a good friday. my goodeness. i almost forgot. the best news of all. we will save it for last. we retested maddie for her allergies of egg and peanuts. skin test number two. let’s just say that daddy is the lone ranger with food allergies now. we celebrated with french toast, fruit, apple chicken sausage and eggs for dinner. i’m the happiest dad.