i’m not a runner. i just pretend to be one. i’ll come back to this. we had lunch with the hilzers and suganos by chance today. it was one party at the park. the best thing is that we all have girls. and there were a lot of them. seven to be exact. and all seven played in the rocky stream and dug in the dirt.

today was also going to be the day that i ran the ten miler. i have no idea what i was thinking. your body does a lot of things when you run for that long. cramping, chills, sweat, no sweat. i think i needed to hydrate a bit sooner. i got some great tips from the hilzer triathalon database today. i mean, he runs sub seven minute miles and you think i would have listened a bit better. i hit mile five or six and thought, this feels good. i’ll stop at hendry’s and hydrate. wrong. by that time my body was done. it wanted to stop. but i had three more miles to go back home. so i drank some coke and sipped some water and turned back to face the slow uphill run towards state on las positas. one would think it was flat. it may appear that way when you are sitting and powered by an engine, but when you are propelling your tired body, it is not. i cramped twice. how sad is that? i had to stop, walk stretch. i was just praying no one saw me. it was that awkward grab your hammy and bounce around dance. not pretty.

but. i made it home. i think i can do the half. i’ll probably go out and run another longy before that, but it will be flat. none of this up to the mission and then out to the ocean. what was i thinking? but my new garmin watch is my new best friend. the geek in me now knows just how much i suck at running. and at any given point in my route. nice.