this is maddie on wednesday at her swim lessons. she negotiates with her swim instructor (miss. jessica) how many times she has to put her head under water, how many times she has to put the goggles on etc. she talks about 95% of the lesson. it’s hilarious. i feel sorry for the instructor.

well. fast forward to thursday. she earned some new goggles by doing all her chores for the week so she headed to the pool today with heath and kenzer. she didn’t want to put on the goggles, she didn’t want to swim without her water wings on. but then, another four year old hopped in the pool and took off swimming.

maddie didn’t like that one bit. off went the water wings, on went the goggles and it became, “look at me mommy, i’m going under water. look at me mommy, i’m going under water.” she decided today that she would swim without the water wings across the width of the pool by herself. crazy. i’m so proud of her. heather thinks we should find that four year old and pay her a ton of money.