we have a nightly tradition of reading books before nighty night. however, maddie doesn’t like to be read to anymore. she wants to read. so last night she is reading and stumbles across the word, “cinnamon.” she glosses over it and reads it aloud as “caramel.” you know, the whole context reading thing. i stop her. and try to get her to sound out the word, try a little harder etc. she decides she doesn’t care and would rather just go on. i (equally stubborn) tel her, “no.” we need to try. i tell her the c doesn’t make the “ka” sound, but rather the “s” sound. she starts to sound it out and then kenz says, “cinnamon. it’s cinnamon.” shocked, maddie and i both look at kenzie at ask, “how do you know that?” she replies arrogantly, “cause. i can read.”