some days you just wish. maddie and i were cruising the car lot the other day and this is just something i would love to drive. 340 horses, 6-speed manual transmission in an all wheel drive automobile. well, if i can’t drive one i guess i can just keep looking at this one. maddie was unimpressed. she was much more content with her tricycle. there is a lesson here somewhere. i’m just too self absorbed to listen. anway, there are some pictures of kenzie’s party here. i’m no pro, but i was pleased with most of the shots. these are all straight out of the camera with no post processing. some day i would like to figure out how to make my pics look like this. i like this look.

and…. TODAY KENZI IS 1! happy birthday babes! everyone wish her well.

question of the day: can you name one animal that can’t walk backward?