a couple of days ago we noticed that there was a weird discoloration near the baseboard of our hall. after further review we realized that it was a bit damp. we dismissed it as most people would. however, the other day heather noticed that there was something growing. we called it a spore and notified the proper authorities.

word on the street is that we probably have a cracked slab and with all the rain it is just pushing the moisture up. since the water doesn’t really have anywhere to go it just comes up the floor. nice.

so tonight, heather tells me that she smells mold and gross stuff in the kitchen. we pull out our new, massive fridge only to find out that the water hook up for the ice maker/water is leaking. where is it leaking? right into the wall. so if that mushroom is growing out into the hall, can you just imagine the delectable garden of delights we have inside our wall? don’t worry, iron chef is coming over tomorrow to harvest. we are going to make a bundle selling our truffles and earthly delights. by the way, that mushroom sprouted from a nub to about 4 inches over night.

question of the day: would you eat wild mushrooms if you were stranded without food?