whole family went out to little alex’s for dinner tonight. excellence all the way around. chips, taco salad, tostada and uncle pete’s monster chorizo and egg burrito. i was so envious. i could have done the same and just taken two lipitor’s tonight, but i gotta at least try to eat better.

pretty good light for a restaurant. i have decided to start shooting in raw + jpg. i still have to pretend like i can take good pictures. raw is for backup mess ups with exposure. i think the workflow out of jpg is much faster for what i do. so these are jpg right out of the camera without any post processing. just the typical mogrify.

20d, 50mm 1.8, f/2.2, iso 400 @ 1/40

question of the day: if you had to eat at the same restaurant at least once a week where would it be?