everyday i walk by this place. it is a historical building where they have weddings, parties and other events. lots of euros walk by and take pictures. this particular week there are some men and women from the ccc making adobe bricks. ccc as in the california correctional center. this weeks photothursday theme is the letter c. how appropriate. i walked by them for about two days with the camera in the car. on this particular day, i pulled the trigger. i pulled out the camera walked over and asked if they would mind if i took some shots. one guy looked at me, paused and then said, “sure.” he did have this smirk on his face. not sure if it was out of pity or condescension. my hands were trembling. if you know me, this is way outside of my comfort zone. i would have been much more comfortable from across the street with a 300mm lens. i am also going to mention this, just because i’m proud of it. i noticed the blaring white surface of the building in the background. i thought, “if i leave it in av mode it may blow out the shots. my friend chris nowling once told me to meter on the sidewalk if you want proper exposure. i did and then fired off a series of shots. i made it back to the safe confines of my office, proud of being bold but still trembling. i sat down and smiled. two days later, this is one result.

question of the day: which of your five senses would you lose if you had to choose one?