this is the look i would have had kenz given the lady tonight. bear with the long story but here it goes. so i cruise over to trader joe’s on de la vina tonight on my way back to work. i’m talking to auntie and i pull in to the parking lot. what do i see? a large semi blocking most of the driveway. so i pull most of the way off the side walk and decide that i’m going to let these pedestrians walk in front of my car instead of running them over. so i wait and they proceed to leisurely walk. anyway. this car decides it is going to drive right at me. now visualize with me. off my left front is a semi. right in front of me is this bmw suv and to the right is no where for me to go. she starts coming at me with the lights shining in my eyes. ok. i guess i’ll reverse. so i start to reverse only to see people on the sidewalk and these crazy cats riding their mountain bikes right behind me. so i stop. mind you, i’m still talking to auntie. but, i am managing the call and my driving surprisingly well. i pause, and then decide that the suv has enough room. she proceeds to get closer and then decides that she is going to give me that look. you know the look. it’s the, “thanks for moving out of my way but making me really work at it look.” i wave her forward as i hang up the phone. she has plenty of room. she’s just a horrible driver. then this is where i get really pissed. she passes me in her ten million dollar suv and says, “good thing you decided to hang up the phone and start driving.” i was so stunned i didn’t know what to do. i wanted to say, “i’m not the one that can’t drive my ten million dollar suv. or, i gave you plenty of room, you just can’t drive. or, what is your problem. or, jesus loves bad drivers too.”

anyway, if you have a friend in the area that drives a black or dark blue x5 or x3 and tells you a bad driver story. she is the bad driver!