went to vons last night and was perusing the produce when this indian man walks up to me and stares me down. this is what transpires:

him: you go to ucsb?
me: no
him: you from korea?
me: no
him: what do you do?
me: computer work
him: do you like to keep your options open?
me: sure
him: i own a web company
me: what do you do?
him: i own a web company
me: do you have a site?
him: it is password protected
him: this is how you can get a hold of me.
he cracks his wallet and pulls out this cheesy card.
me: thanks. i think.
him: how can i get a hold of you?
me: i hold the card up i’ll get a hold of you.

strange man.

question of the day: you have 5 bucks in your pocket and it is lunch time. where do you go?