today is papa’s birthday. he is the world’s greatest papa, father, husband, friend and servant. his steady hands were a gift from God and they were used to serve many. whether it was an elderly patient that needed assurance, a routine patient that enjoyed his company or someone from church who just couldn’t quite make it. he was there.

now he serves in a different way. his capacity for caring is enormous and he blesses all who are around him. his wife, his children, his grandchildren, his friends and his church are all blessed by his serving and caring hands. God’s grace flows through him and he is amazing to watch. if you get the chance shoot him an email {richard[at]tatsukostudios[dot]com} and wish him a happy birthday.

dad. i am so proud to be called your son. as a christian i strive to be like Jesus. as your son i strive to be like you. as we run the race, i can think of no better pace setter than you. i love you.