did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. it was great. spent a lot of time with my girls, and yes this includes heather. she is my girl. started of the weekend with great food on friday night. little barbeque, a little hot pretzel and some peaches on the grill. heavenly. hit up a lot of parks and did some crafts on the patio. even squeezed in a little casting practice. i would call it fishing, but i got skunkered. anyway, after posting a bunch of shots from the hexar, i’m back to the digital. it was fun burning up the flash card and getting results. look forward to a post a day this week. i’ll try to be diligent.

question of the day: ?? have you ever heard of tiger woods called one of the greatest athletes? yes. golf is very difficult and you need a lot of talent to play it well. he is the best. but the best athlete???