today was day three in the birthday celebration for uncle peter. a little trip down to nbc in monterey park for some authentic chinese food, followed by a quick stop at sam woo’s bbq for some char su to go and then to the ranch market to show maddie that it is true that you can see live fish at places other than an aquarium. we played a game on the way home that went something like this. ok. ok. i got one. maddie, i am bald. i have pokies and i love to where polo shirts. who am i? maddie, do you know? after a few moments of silence she bursts out, “are you a puffer fish?” sorry uncle pete. you lost out to a puffer fish.

we couldn’t turn left on to atlantic blvd., so we turned right with the traffic and proceeded on a quest to find pappy’s house. heather had never seen the house and i thought it would be fun to remember the route. it was like we were there just yesterday. kimberly and i fondly remembered the hill that uncle bobby’s car never made it up and then the tremendous view of la. however we were shocked when we rolled up to ridgcrest and found this house where pappy’s house once stood. we were overcome with emotion. it was weird. almost unfair. how dare you take away our memories.