this is my wife. the hot one in the foreground. she is perfect in the most imperfect way. she is not perfect, but she is perfect for me. our discussion the other night is as follows.

h: how was your birthday? was it a special day?
t: yeah. it was good. there is so much pressure for it to be special. it’s just another day. i mean, it’s different but not like we were kids. it doesn’t need to be special.
h: it totally needs to be special! would you deny that for maddie and kenzer? would you tell them that?
t: well. no. that’s different. they are kids.
h: i disagree. your birthday was the day that God put you on this earth. He gave you to your parents. He has a plan for you and a purpose on this earth. you can’t not celebrate the day God gave you to us.
t: (silence.)

this is why i love my wife.