friday night we added a new addition to the family. keoni kim young

saturday morning, we decided to take the girls up to the snow. everyone got up a bit late, 7am and we threw some pants on the girls and got in the car. cruised over to starbucks for the coffee, chai and vanilla milks for the girls and up the pass we went. sailed up 154 and as we approached the top, there was definitely snow. the trees were covered, but there wasn’t too much on the ground. i hesitated and then kept going. we must find better snow. the girls were mellow so we crested the top and headed down into the valley. we were bound for figueroa.

we turned off 154 and head up the toward the unknown. it was really beautiful. the rain was threatening, the sun was fighting it back the valley floor was lush. we began climbing up the steep road and it became evident that we were going to hit the mother lode. i looked down at the dash and the temperature was plummeting.

we really had no idea where we were going, except the snow was becoming more and more abundant. we were snaking through the turns when heather turns to me and says, “we are so lucky the girls don’t get car sick.” i turned and replied, “man. we are lucky.” i was thinking of all those horror stories of kid throwing up on trips and i began to smile. poor souls.

about 1.5 minutes pass and we hear this liquidy noise coming from the back seat. kenzer has just spewed liquid starbucks milk. it was on the back of heather’s seat, it was all over the car seat, the jacket and it was bad. heather tells me to pull over. well there wasn’t really anywhere except for this muddy turn out. i bring the car to a halt. heather rushes out of the front seat and goes to aid kenzer. just as she opens the door, here comes round two. you know the drill. as a parent, you suck it up, cup your hands and play a little catch.

heather’s head was down and bobbing up and down. i thought she was crying. she lifts her head and she is laughing hysterically. it’s the only thing she can do. as i’m looking over maddie towards kenzie and heather can you imagine what happened next? yep. maddie’s turn. the fountain of starbucks vanilla milk streams down the front of her jacket, car seat harness into ever crevass possible. and then she did it again.

so we are down two jackets, two shirts and the car seats stink to high heaven. it’s 38 degrees outside, we are holding the kids off the mud, trying get them cleaned off and then we throw them back in the wet seats. nice.

do we turn back? no way. we came for snow. stay tuned for the rest of the story.

question of the day: do you get car sick?