back from the long weekend road trip. left thursday night for stockton. ate at the famed harris ranch restaurant with petey and sora. then trekked the rest of the way to stockton. long night as kenz woke up at 10:30 upon arrival and proceeded to stay up until 1:30am. cruised to ione then next morning to see gramps and bettie and spent the day with them. it was good times. then down to gilroy to spend the friday night to saturday night. i highly suggest staying at th hilton garden. it was splendid. clean, spacious and reasonable. then over to the monterey aquarium on saturday. wrapped up saturday with a trip back to gilroy and then the long road home. girls were troopers, auntie was our savior again and heather put up with all of the “young” shananigans and goofiness. i love the fact that she puts up with all our child humor.

i’ll be right back. i have to make a phone call. caa caa caa caa caa. you know you laughed. (inside joke)

question of the day: sick. head cold or stomach flu?