excellent but long weekend. things got off great when i went down to the finish of the amgen tour of california with denny and jon from work. i love cycling, even if i am out of shape and over weight. i miss riding. i need to just get my lazy butt on the bike and ride. the pros are so comfortable on the bike. they ride into a crowd, rubbing shoulders with totally incompetent fans who don’t even begin to understand what it means to be that comfortable on a bike that they don’t drop a foot down. that plus they are just so stinkin’ fit.

drove up to ione. very long drive, but well worth it for gramps. today, though my maddie is all grown up. two things happened. she knows how to swing. she was pumping and swinging higher than ever. we went to the park and we no longer have to push her. i cried. the other. i went to wake her from her nap and she opened her eyes and said, “daddy. just let me sleep for 3 more minutes.” who is she? a teenager?

question of the day: did you watch any of the tour of california?