picture by maddie.


martin luther king jr. day. heath is educating the girls on everything from rosa parks to obama. the girls are eating their breakfast seemingly ignoring everything. then kenz lifts her head and says:

“mommy. did he worship the lowrd?”

“yes, kenz. he worshipped the Lord.”


background: good morning america is on the tele. osama bin laden’s picture flashes on the screen. kenz says:

“remember mawee and joseph? i think jesus is on tv.”

um. no that is not jesus, it’s… nevermind. you don’t need to know.


background. the girls just went down to bed. suddenly kenz is a lot closer sounding. she is singing. oh wait. she’s on the pot.

“b-i-n-g- oh, whatever. (closely followed by an audible fart.)” perfection.