we went to the ucsb v. wake forest match on sunday night with george and boys and the felds. it was an exciting match with ucsb taking the early lead, followed by a wake domination. it was impressive. anyway some of the best parts of the night were:

“dude. check out that girl’s man u jersey. that is awesome.”
6-2 domination by wake forest

on the way home we got boxed in by some jerky in a honda crx trying to be cool. i of course could not be upstaged. we laid the swedish hammer down and spooled up the turbo. we blew by him on ward memorial pushing eighty two. we rounded the turn and needed to accelerate past some slow cars as we merged on to the one zero one. ayy. cars merging on from patterson. we deftly moved to the center lane only to be slowed by another vehicle. back to the slow lane and still pushing eighty plus. i get that sudden sensation of someone watching me. i look in my mirrors only to see what i think could be a highway patrol cruiser in the number two lane. i take my foot off the accelerator. slow down faster. please slow down faster. i find myself behind a volkswagon bus doing fifty. i had to hit the brakes. suddenly the cruiser tucks in behind me. what is he doing? drafting? he is really close. then i mention to heather. we are going to get rolled. i forgot to put the registration tags on. sure enough. we get rolled. we get yelled at for pulling over on the shoulder. he wants us to exit the freeway. anyway, we got a slap on the wrist, a giggle from the girls and yes. we put the tag on. did i mention we had skittles?