very hot weekend. well, at least for my wussy body. no hives though. celebrated papa’s birthday friday night outside. boiled some brauts in alaskan ale and onions and then on the barbeque they went. it was splendid. also did crossing guard duty today at church and was almost run down by an old man and his wife. here’s the play by play.

someone on the sidewalk wanted to get across. i forgot who it was, but i see this buick regal approaching about 75 yards away. i put the stop sign up and motion for the kids/adults to walk across. i look up to the sound of an engine “gunning.” the guy actually started accelerating as i put the sign up. i put the sign up higher and kind of step in towards the car so he would stop. he hits the brakes causing his wife to put both of her hands in the air at me as if saying, “get out of the way!” he comes to a stop and rolls down his window. he tells me i have no right to stop traffic and this isn’t a legal crosswalk. he says if i want to stop traffic i need to have my deputy’s license. i replied, that i didn’t think that was the case. i then informed him that i was pretty sure he broke the law when he accelerated at me surpassing the 25mph speed limit. he didn’t like that. he peeled out in a hurry. i think this is the first time i have done crossing guard duty that people actually shook my hand and said thanks.