uncle peter and auntie sora got home from new york yesterday. went with them to go and look at dogs at dawg. they had their eyes on buzz. a very strong dog that will surely take them on walks when they go out. not much happening this weekend. did a little work, did a little patio work and auntie bought a new camera.

i did get to talk to the leica rep and also hold cameras that are way out of my league. it was cool though. the leica rep was not a snobbo like i thought. very cool, very euro and just a nice guy. told me all about rangefinders and why leicas are just killer cameras. so when it was all said and done, i walk out to the parking lot to see this car with the license plate, “lecia 1.” porsche cayenne turbo. nice ride. i gotta get a job like that.

question of the day: what song is currently stuck in your head, driving you crazy?