the girls want a horse. no they want a dog. no they want a horse. no they want a dog. they are getting a horse for christmas. they are getting two golden retrievers for christmas. they aren’t getting a horse for christmas. i think if the girls received everything they wished for we would be in trouble. but maybe that is the funny thing about kids. one day it’s a horse. the next day it is a dog. i’m not looking forward to the day that they want a boyfriend.

update on the weekend. kenz had soccer on the same day as the sb triathalon. two words. no parking. we circled the area around the murph for a good fifteen minutes before we went in for the kill. found two women leaving the tri. we had a birthday party. we went to church. i went running. we had a younglife meeting. all in all it was a good weekend. the girls are not looking forward to school. that’s for sure.