we made the annual trip down to the long beach aquarium on new year’s day. it was great. nice and mellow and the crowds were not there as expected. we figure everyone is hung over or on the couch watching the tele. we also did a sneak attack on marukai for some mochi and sushi only to get beat by the japanese new year crazies. we still picked up some stuff for the cooler. peking duck bau. that was tasty. and maddie loved it. after the aquarium we made our way down to la quinta. had our fourth christmas celebration down there followed by some horse back riding for the girls on friday. what a treat. they loved it. they got the full lesson. not just riding, but combing, cleaning the hooves, putting on the bridle and leading the horse. it was fun. saturday we made our way back and hit up the la zoo. it was ok. nothing spectacular, but it was fun being a family and eating snacks. what else is new? that’s what we are all about. oh yes. and the girls got new stuffed animal snakes. great. more stuffed animals. couldn’t it have been the rubber ones?