yes it’s true. tonight i went over to george’s for dinner and some fun with lights. i would have to say he is much more of a technical photog guy than i. what’s even better is that he isn’t afraid to stand in front of the lens and take one for the team. i on the other hand am very afraid of the pufferfish look. however, i will take one for the team because george really loves the rock star/rim lighting off the back of my head.

we left the garage in one piece with no casualties. the 500w work light did fall off the ladder once. i thought about grabbing it before it hit the slab, but i pulled my hand back as the thought of 2nd degree burns on my palms ran through my head. we had left over birthday cake and ice cream.

heather, hurry home. i miss you and the girls. i also need a good looking subject to stand in so that george won’t make me stand in front of the camera anymore.

question of the day: do you wad or fold your tp?