we play games. lots of games. especially at dinner time. last night we played the spelling game and the show me game. for kenz, it’s “show me” four. she then will show us four fingers. often times it ends it silliness and her showing us six fingers when we ask for one and so on. however. maddie plays a different game. we play “what word is this.” it goes like this. maddie will initiate the game by offering to spell a word. then i spell an even harder and harder word until we get bored. last night i went equine. (like you didn’t know that’s her favorite topic.) the conversation went like this:

m: daddoes. spell me a word.
d: hmmm. ok. i got one.
d: ready? a-p-a-l-o-o-s-a
d: (smirking) i looked at heather and said. she’s not going to get that one.
h: heather rolls her eyeballs.
m: daddoes. you spelled it wrong. appaloosa has two “p’s.”
d: i know that. (i had no comeback)