do you ever look at people and think, “what is that guy/gal thinking?” so this morning at breakfast this dude walks in with his hair combed back and he is wearing a cut off brooklyn dodger tshirt. granted he could almost pull it off because his guns were as big as my thighs. he had tats, an earing and the sick white wash jeans, circa 1986. i think he may even have been wearing the reebok hightops. i don’t think he had the scrunchy socks though. he had a man’s meal. porkchop, fruit and poached eggs. and did i mention the hamburger patties to go? let’s hope he never finds this post. he will surely hunt me down and hurt me. i will just deny everything and tell him i don’t know what he is talking about and blame everything on geordie

question of the day (stolen from radio): according to some survey, how many times does the average man wear a pair of jeans before he washes them?