for those of you who know our daughters, you will read this and instantly know which one i am talking about. most nights at the dinner table we try to talk about something decent. discuss what the day brought on, what we learned, who we hung out with. but tonight, tonight was special. after some time had passed one of them perches herself on her chair and looks at the rest of us smiling and says, “do you want to hear me fart?” at this point i am torn between being a proud father and wondering if this should be a parenting moment on manners. i looked at heath who was smiling and instantly i knew. i had the green light. i looked at our smiling daughter and said, “i do. i do want to hear you fart.” she gleamed back at us and then her face went from glimmer to glum. she instantly said, “i have to go the bathroom.” at this point we were laughing hysterically as we watched our daughter race down the hall to the bathroom. equally as funny was the fact that we didn’t realize that our other daughter was completely silent during all of this. we then turned our attention to her only to find that she was laughing so uncontrollably that she wasn’t making any sound. by the time she caught her breath she had tears rolling down her eyes and then tried to explain how one can be so caught up in laughing that we can’t talk, breath or make a sound. i’m not sure which was the funnier moment. ah. never a dull moment around the table.