here’s the scenario. maddie and heather were going on the dino coaster. it was the first roller coaster ride for maddie. i figured she would have to wait in line for a while like all the other rides. suddenly, i hear the coaster coming around. i turn and there they are. i quickly pull the camera out of the bag, check the settings and think, fast shutter, and something around f/11. not sure why i chose that aperature. i think i figured the shot would be blurry, but it wouldn’t be so bad if i had a larger depth of field. george, jump in anytime and correct me. pulled the trigger on about 5 consecutive shots. besides the stupid bird of paradise infringing on the frame i love the expressions. you got the girl in back looking like she just pooped her pants, heather having fun, maddie concentrating and that crazy asian woman having a heart attack. go figure.

question of the day: favorite roller coaster?