auntie auntie | bo b.auntie | banana fana fo f.auntie
me my mo m.auntie | AUNTIE!
that’s right. this is our beloved sister and auntie. she rocks. and maddie is into the name game song. just don’t use chuck.

on another note. i’m officially old. tonight driving our sitter home we had this conversation. m=monica t=trevor
m. there is something about billy joel that really makes me sleepy.
t. oh, you like billy joel? (couple of sentences later) what else do you listen too.?
m. oh, well things that you would know. led zeppelin, pink floyd and oh, don henley. you know, he was the lead singer of the eagles. in case you didn’t know.
t. monica. i did know that.
m. well, i didn’t know. you are like, (pause) an adult.
t. i’m only 34. (thinking. i probably know more about music than you.)

we had a bit more conversation regarding the alternative music of the here and now, but just to validate my youthfulness i did blare trans am and the beastie boys all the way home. i think i am deaf now. however, i do feel youthful…..