today we had our firm retreat. bowling at zodos. a photo scavenger hunt. a firm wide meeting. leadership/training exercise. recognition. i was recognized today for working at the firm for the past 10 years of my life. it was really quite nice. i received a lovely gift basket, with some great gift certificates. i was also told i needed to give a speech. i didn’t want to sound like a kiss a.. but i think it might have sounded like that. in a nutshell i said the firm was awesome. they gave me opportunity, they pay me well, i hired jon and chris, we pretty much run the show. oh. and did i mention tekmission? i ended by saying that the firm will allow you to do anything, as long as it is beneficial to the entire firm. and my last words were, “exploit it.” i then sat down. i was pleased with my words.

question of the day: how long have you been at your current job? and how long do you think you will stay