this is about all i get these days. no smiles. just a smirk. it is the “stop taking my picture” face. we are three days into life without with out our girl. praying that she is having a blast at camp. i think she is having a good time. she was stoked to go, never looked back. i think we will have a changed girl when she returns. apparently when they go to camp they come back changed with a sense of independence. i’m hoping that God just softens her already tender heart. see you in a few more days.

daily bread

give us this day our daily bread. as we discussed this very passage wednesday evening, it brought to light all the wants and lusts of my life. i think of my friends in the park and my friends in the lot. they would be happy with their needs being met. all i do is long for more. what i want is not what i need. all i need is for God to provide me with my daily bread. He knows what i need. the battle rages on minute by minute, hour by hour.


yep. over a month for a new photo. can’t believe the school year is over. another year gone for the girls. i’m grateful for geordie for reminding me that our kids are now half way to being out of the house. thanks jerko. i’m having anxiety attacks over not having enough time with them and wishing i were a better parent. i guess i have eight more years to step it up.


this weekend was a blur. i can’t seem to place my finger on where the time went. i do know that we decided to do something out of the ordinary on saturday. we took the girls fishing off the pier. it’s a long way off from fly fishing, but i thought the girls would have fun. they were excited about it, so how bad could it be? well, we wet the lines for about ten minutes and the hurricane wind blowing off the water soon got to be too much for the girls. we packed it up after fifteen minutes and headed down to the beach. (funny how being wet and in the wind didn’t seem to bother them.) nevertheless it was good times spent with them allowing them to be little girls. gotta cherish these times while they are still young.

– 9 –

big sister turns nine today. i don’t know which is harder to believe. that it has been nine years already or that she is half way to being out of the house. they are both traumatizing to think about. with that said, she is still our very sweet mty. this was our dinner conversation tonight.

m2: i heard mrs. l tell someone that i was a good reader.
mom: were you eavesdropping?
m2: dropping what?
m1: ees. you were dropping your ees. that’s not good. you want ees. ees are for when you are doing excellent.
mom and dad: (laughing hysterically) after we composed ourselves we were able to talk about eavesdropping, not dropping ees.

lessons learned

crazy day today. the worst part is that kenz grounded herself in a mire of consequence this morning. so no bowling with her sister and her cuzzie for his birthday celebration. so maddie flew solo (thanks uncle pbo and auntie sora) and had a good time. quote of the day:

uncle: what did your sister say to your dad that got her in trouble?
maddie: kenzie said something to daddy that he wasn’t satisfied with.

that’s right. i was not satisfied with that sass.